About Us

Surefin Coils is a leading custom coil manufacturing company, serving the marketplace with superior-quality custom coils and accessories for commercial, government, industrial and institutional applications as well as military installations. We have a 50+ year pedigree in the industry longevity that few other companies can match. Industrial, Institutional and process applications often demand special requirements including Six Sigma. Whether your application coil needs are for HVAC heating and cooling, evaporating, condensing, booster or tube bundles, discover the superior quality advantage of our coils.



Hot Water | Booster Coil

Booster coils are typically just smaller-sized hot water coils. Generally booster coils are made without headers, which saves on manufacturing costs.

condenser Coil

Condenser Coil

Most condenser coils are designed with either 1/2″or 3/8” O.D. tubes.

Steam Distributing Coil

Steam Distributing Coil

Steam distributing coils also known as non-freeze steam coils are designed for low temperature applications with entering air temps of 55 degrees or less.