Our Profile


Surefin Coils is a leading coil manufacturing company, serving the marketplace with superior-quality custom coils and accessories for commercial, government, industrial and institutional applications as well as military installations. We have a 50+ year pedigree in the industry longevity that few other companies can match. Industrial, Institutional and process applications often demand special requirements including Six Sigma. Whether your application coil needs are for hvac heating and cooling, evaporating, condensing, booster or tube bundles. discover the superior quality advantage of Surefin Coils.


Our People


The foundation of Surefin Coils is its highly-qualified engineers and skilled artisans. With over 50 years’ experience, Surefin Coils ‘s quality advantage begins with superior designs that are then carried out by seasoned craftsmen–supplemented only by technology and robotics.


Our Process


Our processes are designed to assure that Surefin Coils products are built to meet or exceed American Refrigerant Institute (ARI) standards. Each coil is Quality Assurance (QA) inspected and hydraulically tested at 300 PSIG to ensure leak-free qualities. Surefin Coils a leading coil company also has the experience and capabilities to meet stringent Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards.

Steam condensing coil

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